Our Vision

Is to provide a constantly evolving market with world premier class products and customer services, with vision, we stand to achieve our goal to reach out and improve our customer’s satisfaction.

Our Mission

It’s to provide a complete solution to the customers, by continuously supplying with best products of our company.

Our journey began in June 1958 when the BAIC Group was founded by the name of Beijing Automobile Works (BAW), setting the precedent with many firsts to come in the automotive industry in China. Our first model, the “Jinggangshan”, rolled off the production line that same year, receiving a lot of attention from important figures in the leadership of New China and marking the humble yet explosive beginnings of our story.

Since then, BAIC has expanded its market and its designs to echo the needs and tastes of the time. Starting from the 1980s, BAIC has initiated cooperations and strategic collaborations with foreign companies and renowned brands in the automotive industry. In 1984, Beijing Automobile Works went into the first joint venture in manufacturing vehicles with Amerian Motors.

The BAIC Group also partnered with Hyundai in 2002 to form the Beijing Hyundai Motor Co. Ltd. an automobile manufacturing company that produced Hyundai-branded vehicles. The joint venture witnessed a meteoric rise in the Chinese market with 1 million units produced and sold in the shortest period recorded in the domestic auto industry.

A few years later, the First domestic Mercedes Benz was produced by BAIC Motor laying the foundation for future production of luxury high-end cars. And by the end of 2009, BAIC Group has acquired the intellectual property right of Saab automobile company as a step towards developing and producing its own-brand cars. This was a significant milestone that marked the beginning of a new era, gaining BAIC access into a larger worldwide market with the technology it has acquired.

In 2012, the First independent brand product, the A1 car, was formally unveiled in Beijing. With $2.2 billion in investment, BAIC’s independent brand high-end R&D base was completed and the production line started. The Senova model series formally entered into production. A few months later, BAIC’s first self-owned luxury car, the A520T/A523T series sedan, came on the market after its first launch show on May 11, 2013.

Now with branches and dealerships all over the world, BAIC is the culmination of 64 years of history and a strong drive towards innovation to provide you with a dynamic driving experience and stylish designs with striking appearances that suit everyone ,everywhere, everytime


MARWAN ALSHAALI GROUP Established in Dubai 41 years is a family-owned diversified business house with ventures across key Industries from Electric Vehicles. On-Road and Off-Road Motorcycles. Sports Boat, Kayaks, Electric Vehicles, Real Estate. Furniture. Trailer Manufacturer, Marine Manufacturer, etc.

Al Sheet’ Moto was formed introducing WV and 4×4 cars On-hand, OH-road Motorcycles such as ATV. UTV, Side by Side. Quad Bike, Sports Boat. Kayaks and Electric Vehicles such as luxury Golf Cart, Electric Club Cart. Resort Cart Utility Vehicle. Commercial Golf cart, Scooter, Mobility, Electric hummers MX, H. HXT Limo), Electric Classic Cars, Golf Trolleys, and Motorcycle and c accessories U In all over UAE and GCE. learning so much from the mistakes of others has allowed us to work with contacts from around the World and test all our products. giving us confidence that the end-user will not be disappointed. One key attribute at AI Shaali Moto is our flexibility and ability to provide bespoke customer solutions. Clients of AI Shaali Moto will receive a product second to none. In its market, we pride ourselves on high quality, usability, lots and detail, and great customer service.

ALSHAALI MOTO was established in Dubai in 2011 with ventures across key industries from Electric Vehicles, Off-Road vehicles, On-Road Motorcycles, and Motorcycle Accessories, across UAE and GCC. Under Al Shaali Moto, we are the official distributor for BAIC vehicles in UAE, CFMOTO in GCC, and Al Shaali EV Golf Carts exclusive dealer in GCC Countries.

Marwan Al Shaali Group gives it another spectacular level in GCC region and particularly in UAE. We are committed to delivering customer services goods toindividuals, private and public sector companies so that they may better serve their consumers and customers. We take great pride in the way in which our services support businesses with automotive and real estate industry.

Our team ensures that all of our clients receive a consistently world class service. Delivery of excellence is part of the very fabric of . Marwan Al Shaali Group, borne out time and again in our results. Progress stems from consistency and I take real pride in seeing our entire team perform so consistently and up to standards. We measure our true success by the impact that we have on our clients and the communities within which we work. It is a source of great pride to me that the Marwan Al Shaali Group delivers to our customer’s needs, and is also known for its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in the region.