Our test drive for this week is a very interesting vehicle, X7 from BAIC. It’s a very good-looking vehicle with a list of features that are exclusively available in expensive German vehicles. X7 is a midsize SUV, good for singles and families as well, handsome front end with xenon headlamps w integrated LED lights, beautiful dark gray painted wheels, the side lines are attractive with smooth dynamic lines, the back is not less attractive than the front, LED taillights and slim chrome plated exhaust pipes in the bottom of the bumper, BAIC badge glued on the left and 280T badge glued on the right of the tailgate, 280T is the generated torque from the efficient 188hp, 1.5L 4 cylinders turbo charged engine, attached to 7 speed DCT gearbox.

Speaking of performance, the car doesn’t perform like a 1.5L family SUV, the generated power feels way more than 188hp, thanks to the DCT keeping the engine honest and transferring the power seamlessly.

Even though the car is front wheel drive, the drive is smooth and handles well in the tight turns, the body is solid and the suspension system is smooth and well refined, keeps the unpleasant vibrations away from the cabin.

The cabin is simply impressive, the seats are covered with NAPA leather, front seats heated and cooled, huge panoramic sunroof covers 80% of the roof, the rear seats are comfortable with rather impressive leg room, ISOFIX available on both sides, wherever you like keeping you baby-seat. The switches and buttons are made from expensive materials and don’t look cheap, all the materials used inside the X7 are expensive and smooth.

The driver enjoys three screens to control and view the mind-blowing features and I’m not exaggerating with the word, mind-blowing. From the super adaptive cruise control to automatic parking system to baby mode, wireless charging with 2 USB outlets available under the center consul, the car equipped with AI system that lets you control everything verbally, the downside is that AI system and the other features in the vehicles are in Chinese language, “The dealer informed me that they are working to bring English language updates soon” if you speak Chinese, head to the showroom and don’t look back.

If you are looking for a midsize SUV, fuel efficient, family friendly and luxuries with high-tech, you better visit BAIC showroom.

For 125,000aed you can get the X7, the price doesn’t justify this vehicle, it’s indeed value for your money.

We used to say Japanese vehicles are value until the Koreans came in and took the value crown, now the Chinese turn!