BAIC BJ40P Flagship

The first time I saw the BJ40P I thought it’s the new Jeep Wrangler until I read the badges, it’s the Chinese Wrangler, the designers decided to build a vehicle that beats Jeep Wrangler what is better than Jeep Wrangler than Jeep Wrangler? That’s a lot of Jeep Wrangler in few sentences, but here we stop because somehow BJ40P from BAIC beats the American fair and square, BAIC BJ40P rides better, more comfortable, for only 142,000aed you can get BJ40P loaded with options prope5-seateres 5-seater with flexible (removable) body panels and raised ride height.

The only downside in this vehicle is the engine and gearbox, I believe the 250hp 350nm torque 2.3L 4 cylinders turbo attached to 6 speed automatic transmission isn’t enough for the 1900kg monster. Thats my personal opinion, I felt a lot of turbo lag and some power loss within the gearbox, maybe I was looking for something more powerful, but the power isn’t a problem for any of us, since 80% of our driving is on highways or in a traffic jam on the way to the mall.

The front is handsome without being shy from having wrangler’s fender and jeep Cherokee front grill, BAIC logo glued in the middle of the hood, good looking square shape headlights and all-day LED fog lamps in the bottom of the bumper, two hooks painted in red, to remind you that this is a proper of roader the side is identical to jeep wrangler, the back as well with the mounted wheel.

The big difference is the cabin with comfortable leather seats, air vents shaped like BAIC logo, all the used materials are expensive and looks good with smooth touches, nothing is cheap or loose, two digital screens, the downside is that the vehicle is not equipped with apple car play and android auto. Leaves the infotainment system basic only for the important functions, like Bluetooth, radio etc.…

Drivers dash screen is very interactive and useful, with options to change the mode and the shape of the displayed information, without forgetting the important information that off-roader needs, like battery voltage, gearbox oil voltage, steering angles, compass etc.…

The most important is the Air-conditioning system, it’s simply impressive very fast and turns the cabin into a freezer within couple of minutes, also cooled glovebox is a good thing to have.

All in all, the BJ40P is an amazing vehicle and serious contender for Jeep Wrangler and Ford Bronco, the Chinese are coming in a big way.